I Like: Merlin the TV Series!


I spent the whole weekend watching the TV series, Merlin!

Contrary to the belief that I only downloaded it because there were cute guys in it (yes, I’m talking to YOU, Les and Kar, hahaha. Ok, so maybe the guy playing Arthur is kind of cute…), I’m actually pretty interested in the story of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table.

Actually, I’m interested in the Medieval Era, period. Nothing beats knights in shining armors and damsels in distress. Then add a talking dragon and maybe a few kick ass witches and warlocks. Woohooo!

In the series, Merlin is still a young warlock while Arthur is still a prince of Camelot. For the first season, it seems like the story revolved around Merlin trying to keep his gift of magic a secret since the use of sorcery in Camelot was forbidden. While, of course, saving Arthur’s life every so often. Seriously, Arthur and Merlin bro-mance FTW!

Hard core fans of the story of King Arthur and Camelot might find this series a bit odd and blasphemous. It seems like they changed so much of the story. Like for example, in this TV series, Guinevere is a maid servant of Morgana. To be honest, I’m not familiar with the story of Arthur when he was still a prince, but as far as I know, wasn’t Guinevere the queen when Arthur was the king?

Nonetheless, Merlin is an entertaining series to watch!

Currently, Merlin is on it’s 2nd season with seven episodes out already.

1 thought on “I Like: Merlin the TV Series!

  1. Ohh, interesting!  Hallmark's Merlin was also one of my favorites when I was young, and I liked reading Arthurian stories.  😀  I think I'll give this one a try.

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