Geek Girl Manila In Taiwan: Day 1

Brrrr. It’s so cold here in Taiwan! I’m just making a not-so short short blog update before I head out to lunch.

It’s actually our second day here in Taiwan but I’m here to write about what happened for our first day.

  • Arrival

We got to Taiwan around past midnight. The flight going there (via Cebu Pacific) was actually turbulence-free (yay!) and very much on time. Mr. Wen (company driver/taxi service) was supposed to be waiting for us when we landed. But he was running late so we waited for him in the airport lobby. While Artie was busy huffing and puffing (he thought his company had his pick up scheduled all mixed up again), I decided to take go around the airport and found a lot of interesting things there: 1) A vendo selling apple-flavored and four-seasons Minute Maid and a sticker of the Taiwanese Victoria Court, haha.

Mr. Wen arrived around 30 minutes later and I was pleasantly surprised about being picked up in a black Mercedez Benz, woohoo. Haha.

The ride from the Taiwan airport to Taipei City took around 45 minutes. Too bad it was so dark outside I couldn’t really appreciate the scenery. The highway reminded me a lot of South Super Highway going southbound to Tagaytay.

When we entered the city proper, I couldn’t help but marvel how organized everything seemed. Scooters and bikes were properly lined up along the sides. They weren’t even locked or anything! Cars were parked nearly along the streets, too. And it was SOOO quiet!

We got dropped off at our hotel at around 2AM in the morning. Artie and I were so hungry so we decided to immediately go grab a bite after we’ve put our luggage in our room. Our first meal in Taiwan, McDonalds. Haha! It was the nearest open restaurant around and I wasn’t the one to complain. I’m not exactly adventurous when it comes too food so eating at McDonald’s was fine by me.

I ordered a Filet-o-Fish meal and the burger tasted the same. But what I really loved though was their iced tea. The taste was the same but unlike Manila, their iced tea wasn’t as concentrated and sweet. It actually tasted like water with a tinge of iced tea taste.

Oh, and one thing I TOTALLY love about Taiwan, there’s Wi-Fi EVERYWHERE! Most connections are locked, but you can find one or two open networks that you can actually leech from!

  • The Next Day

The next day, Artie and I had our free breakfast at this cafe called Movenpick. Then he had to go to work and I was left by myself to do whatever I want. For most part of the morning, I just walked around aimlessly. Unfortunately, stores here in Taiwan open pretty late, at around 11AM. So I wasted precious shopping energy. Blah.

I had lunch with Artie and his colleague Ade at his Japanese restaurant, Ootoya. I had a burger bento. The food was good and I loved how healthy their food tasted. Unlike Manila food, the cooking isn’t oily-tasting.

For the earlier part of the afternoon, I spent time walking around the nearby areas of the hotel. I saw a lot of really interesting things like this shop which sold Hello Kitty and Burberry stuff, a couple of jade stores, tea specialty stores and IKEA among other things. I also saw a lot of high end stores which I never bothered entering anyway, haha.

I did so much walking I was sooo tired by 4PM. I decided to go back to the hotel to take a nap and recharge before meeting up with Artie for dinner.

For dinner, Ronen (Artie’s boss) decided to take us out for dinner. We ate at this Chinese restaurant called Just Hot. From the name itself, we ate a LOT of spicy food. I had a hard time enjoying the meal since I’m not too fond of spicy stuff because of my GERD. Too bad. But I enjoyed the company anyway.

We took a taxi going to the restaurant but we decided to take the train going back to the hotel. Yay, my first train ride at Taiwan!

View from the cab, TaipeiWith Rio and AdeWith Artie and Ade

I’m sooo going to bring home an MRT token for souvenir! We also decided to have one drink at this bar/pub that’s right beside our hotel called Jolly. I had my usual Long Island Iced Tea (which tasted like Tequila Iced Tea) and Artie had his normal scotch 7. Ade on the other hand was a beer buff and had cranberry beer.

Well, that’s about it for now. Have to head out for lunch!

  • Day 1 in Photos

2 thoughts on “Geek Girl Manila In Taiwan: Day 1

  1. I can imagine you wide-eyed getting lost in the streets of Taiwan. Haha! Im sure you will find a lot of gadgets to write about. Take it all in!

    Our first meal in Sydney was Mcdonalds too! Movenpick is famous for their ice cream, try it! 🙂

    1. Will dooo, when the weather gets warmer… it’s so cold, eating ice cream might just freeze me up totally 😛

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