Geek Girl Manila In Taiwan: Day 2

Extremely cold day in Taiwan on our second day. The temperature was around 14C, give or take.

I went to breakfast alone at Movenpick since Artie had to rush to his office for a 9AM meeting. After breakfast, I went back to the hotel to laze around. I know right, I was wasting time, but then not a lot of stores open that early so there’s really no point in wasting energy by walking around aimlessly.

I met up again with Artie for lunch. This time, one of his bosses, Danny took us out for Chinese food.


A friend of mine recommended that I go to Wu Fen Pu. It is known as Taiwan’s largest wholesale market for garments. It’s probably comparable to Divisoria, but cleaner and definitely way more organized.

Going there was a big adventure for me since it was also the first time I rode the MRT alone! From Nanjing East Road Station, it took me one line transfer and then 5 train stops to get there. The end station was Hou Shan Pi and from Hou Shan Pi, you leave by Exit 1 which will bring you to Zhongpo North Road. Just go north and when you get to the intersection of Yongji Road, ta-da! You’ll see Wu Fen Pu!

I swear, when I turned the first corner I felt like I went to shopping heaven. Sadly, I didn’t buy anything since I was too overwhelmed, haha! I’ll prolly go back there before we go back home.

Best to go to Wu Fen Pu at around 1PM. Not sure about closing time though. I’m guessing around 10PM.


Shimending is the place where the cool people go. Haha. No, seriously. It’s like the hip hang out place for the young ones. You can find the cinemas there and it’s also a place where you can get tattoos. I saw a lot of cool graffitis there as well. Hanging out sort of satisfied my Japanese Pop Culture cravings. Just ever so slightly!

Stores in Shimending are open in the afternoon and starts closing at around 930PM.

Anyway, here’s Day 2 in pictures!

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