Geek Girl Manila In Taiwan: Day 3

On the third day for lunch, I met up with Artie and had lunch with some of his colleagues at this restaurant called Rido. I’m not sure what kind of cuisine but I had this breaded boneless chicken meal with caramel sauce. It was good.

The interesting thing about that restaurant was this little, round gadget. We were joking around it look like a bomb. But what it does is signal you whether your order is ready for pick up at the counter by blinking and lighting up. Most restaurants here are self-serviced, so you bring your own food to your own table and then drop them off at the cleaning counter when you’re done.

  • SOGO Mall Zhongxiao Fuxing

I spent most of the afternoon going around the SOGO Mall Zhongxiao Fuxing branch. Like any SOGO Malls, the stores there are very high end and carries designer brands like Coach, Hermes, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs. Louis Vuitton and the list goes on.

Naturally, I didn’t buy anything, haha! So I just went around, drooled over some stuff and took photos.

The SOGO Mall Zhongxiao Fuxing branch had 10 floors. At the top most floor are one or two posh-looking restaurant and man-made Japanese temple of some sort. A tourist attraction, I’m guessing.

  • Franz & Friends

In the evening, John, another colleague of Artie decided to bring us out to this really posh jazz bar called Franz and Friends. The meals were a bit expensive at around NT400 per person or 20USD. I got myself some fettucine pesto which I have to admit, tasted pretty good. It was very creamy and didn’t have that usual bitter pesto taste. We were supposed to have drinks there but changed our mind when we saw the drink prices, haha! A glass of Long Island Iced Tea costs around NT320 (or 10USD).

And to burn off what we ate, we decided to walk back to the our hotel, which was around a 10 minute walk from the jazz bar. By the end of the night, my feet were pretty much aching 🙂

  • Day 3 in pictures!

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