Geeking It Out In Singapore!

Our trip to Singapore last September was probably the geekiest trip I’ve ever been on. Though we did go there to see the F1 race (which is considered ‘cool’ by most people), 80% of our activities were very geek-friendly.

I swear, I didn’t even get to do any decent girly shopping at Orchard Road!  *pining for UNIQLO* I also wasn’t able to check out the clubbing scene, but I guess that’s okay since alcohol and I are not really friends at the moment.

I also wasn’t able to do any cultural activities like visiting temples and shrines. I wasn’t able to get the mandatory tourist picture with Merly the Merlion either! *sad face* (By the way, the Merlion’s name isn’t really Merly, mmmkay? I just dubbed him that, haha)

Oh well, luckily for me, Singapore is just 3 hours away by plane from Manila and plane fares are pretty affordable.

But anyway, for the geeks out there who are planning a trip to Singapore, here are some activities you can do to geek out in Singapore:

  • Electronics shopping at Funan and Sim Lim

I guess the reason why I don’t feel so bad about not being able to do any girly shopping in Singapore is because personally, I think Singapore is not the best place to go clothes shopping. I would rather go to Hong Kong or Taipei if my main reason was to shop for clothes and shoes.

However, if you are looking to shop for electronics, Singapore is a really great country to be in! Two places you should check out are Funan and Sim Lim.

Funan and Sim Lim are both shopping centers specializing in electronics and IT products. But the difference is, Funan is a bit more upscale while Sim Lim caters more to the general masses. I guess you can say that Sim Lim is like Greenhills, while Funan is a regular mall like SM but the stores are mostly electronic stores.

If you think you have good haggling skills, then by all means go to Sim Lim and haggle all you want. Be smart though since there are some sellers there who won’t bat an eye while scamming you. If you’re going to shop at Sim Lim, remember not to get excited when you set foot on the first floor. There are hundreds of shops, spread over five storeys that sell the same products so remember to thoroughly scout the place first so you can find the store that will give you the best deal. You might want to save half a day just for Sim Lim shopping.

Funan is a bit more my pace because I have zero haggling skills (I have Artie for that). The Challenger Superstore is also in Funan and I could probably spend the whole day just going around that store. It is located on the 6th floor of Funan DigitaLife Mall. You can say its like Octagon Computer Store here in Manila. I love that Challenger offers a membership and you can get pretty good discounts on products.

One of my prized purchases at Challenger Superstore. It’s a Hello Kitty Cyber Clean! I tried it out on my MBP. Definitely cleaned my keyboard but I didn’t like the sticky residue it left. I had to wipe my keyboard with a cleaner afterwards. It also has a sweet, strawberry smell which I don’t like much. BUT, it’s HELLO KITTY!

  • Gadget shopping at Best Denki, Harvey Norman and Courts

Another activity that ate a big chunk of our time while we were in Singapore was the hunt for the perfect TV. LCD TVs are ridiculously affordable in Singapore and since Artie and I needed a TV for our new home and we were in Singapore, might as well buy one there!

Best Denki, Harvey Norman and Courts are electronic retailers in Singapore. You can compare them to Abenson or SM Home Appliances. If you’re looking for TVs, cameras, refrigerators, airconditioning units and other appliances, these stores are the places to go to. Surprisingly, you can even haggle for best deals at these stores.


Bookworms will LOVE Kinokuniya Book Store. We went to the one at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and I swear, I can happily get lost in the rows and rows of book shelves. I’m not the most hard core book buyer around, but that bookstore definitely has a book for every person imagineable. From graphic novels and mangas, to DIY books, to boring books. Name a book, I think you’ll find it there.

  • Go to Universal Studios and ride the Battle Star Galactica Ride.

Then go crazy buying BSG souvenir at their souvenir shop! Artie bought a shirt for himself while he bought a mug that said I *heart* Cylons for his sister Abbie, haha.

The ride was closed when we went there though. But honestly, I’ll be too scared to ride it anyway even if it was operational so nothing lost.

  • Ride a Segway.

The Universal Studio in Singapore is pretty small compared to the one in Los Angeles. At best, you can go around the theme park and be able to ride all the attractions in 2 hours max! So after Universal Studios, you can plan to have a Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure since you’re already in Sentosa! It’ll cost you around S$38 or $30USD per person to go on a Guided Eco Adventure where you can glide along the beaches on a segway. How geekily fun is that!

We unfortunately weren’t able to push thru with our segway fun plans due to shortage of time and funds. More of funds shortage actually, after buying a TV and shopping at IKEA for home stuff, hehe.

So that’s pretty much how our Singapore trip went. And to end each day, the boys would play PS3 the whole night, either playing FiFa or playing with Diego’s newly bought PS3 Move (which was bought in Sim Lim).

Till next time, Singapore!

3 thoughts on “Geeking It Out In Singapore!

  1. Don’t you just love Kinokuniya?!

    Too bad it’s like one floor.

    One thing more to love it is their machine that tracks books down and tells you were it is – give or take before a customer pulls the book out. hahaha

  2. Dear Geek Girl Manila / Ms. Lia Espina Lopez,

    I was searching around the web about buying electronics in Singapore and your website was the first link I clicked on. So buying electronics in Singapore is cheaper than buying in Hong-Kong? Can I haggle in place such as Sim Slim Mall and Funan IT mall? Are there a variety of laptop computers similar to that found in the database of Best in the US? Would you recommend buying at other electronics shops other than Sim Slim Mall and Funan IT Mall? Are most electronics dual voltage 110V-220V?

    Please e-mail me as soon as you can.

    Kind regards,
    Jerome Lewis

    1. Hi, Jerome!

      Thank you for passing by my blog. I’m glad I could help you out 🙂

      With regards to prices of HK vs Singapore electronics shopping, I could say that the prices are more or less the same. Comparable, to say the least. The advantage you have though in Singapore is that it would be easier to negotiate since the locals there have a better command of English.

      And yes! You can definitely haggle in Sim Lim and Funan. I believe you can also haggle in other electronic shops such as Best Denki, Courts or Harvey Norman though, you can haggle more in Sim Lim and Funan.

      If you’re going to buy a laptop, Sim Lim would be the best place to get the best deals. The stores there love to add freebies, like free casings, etc. The models are pretty updated, too and they usually have the latest gadgets.

      From what I know, Singapore uses 220V but I would assume that the electronics are dual voltage. Best to ask when you go shopping there 🙂

      Hope this helps! 🙂


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