Now Watching: Spartacus Blood and Sand

I’m missing a lot of WoW time because I’ve been having a Spartacus Blood and Sand marathon. I’m on the last episode now!


I tried watching this show the first time it came out earlier last year but I turned green in the first few minutes of the show. But after my hospital incident last year, I could stomach the sight of blood now. Just a little bit anyway.

So here I am watching a show netizens have been raving about.

Bloody hell, this show is BLOODY. Heads flying, guts spilling, faces getting smashed, limbs getting cut off. You can imagine now, can’t you? 😛

If I were to use one word to describe this series, it would be: RAW. Raw violence, raw nudity, raw everything! It makes me wonder if people in Roman times really acted like this. So animalistic and barbaric! It’s amazing, haha!

Spartacus Blood and Sand is inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus the gladiator. So expect to see a lot of arena battles (where more blood is shed!)

My favorite character in Spartacus is Ilythia. She’s played by the very hot Viva Bianca. I swear, seeing her and the Roman women giggle over violence is just really unnervingly hilarious. Rabid women!

At first I thought this was going to be a man-flick since it had a lot boobs and violence, but women will equally enjoy this as well. Think Gladiator abs and MORE! *naughty lol* NOT FOR KIDS!

Definitely a series worth watching. FUN 🙂

Currently, the show has one season completed (13 episodes) and season 2 will start in 2012. Starz released Spartacus: Arena of the Gods this year. It’s supposed to be a pre-quel to Blood and Sand. I can’t wait to watch that, too!

Link: Spartacus Blood and Sand IMDB

2 thoughts on “Now Watching: Spartacus Blood and Sand

  1. I love this show too and Spartacus GOTA! i’m a geek girl, too and starting to embrace it as well! I was heartbroken when I learned that Andy Whitfield got sick 😦 I still can’t imagine someone else playing the lead role, but the show must go on! Nice blog btw

    1. Hi ubecake!

      Thanks for passing by 🙂

      I recently found out about Andy Whitfield’s sickness and I got so sad. 😦 I wonder who’s going to play Spartacus in the coming season.

      I heard they’re also recasting Naevia.

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