Geek Girl Manila In Taiwan: Day 5

I was going thru my old blog posts and I realized that I never completely blogged about my trip to Taiwan last year. We stayed in Taiwan for 7 days and I realized that I only blogged until Day 4.

I think it was because the succeeding days we were there, we tried to get the most out of our trip. I’d be so dead tired when we got back to the hotel that I didn’t bother blogging on the day. And when I got back home to Manila, I think I got too busy with wedding planning and then the next thing I knew, my accident happened.

But anyway, since I’m happily back to blogging, I think it’s time to share more stories about my Taiwan trip last year! I pride myself on having an excellent memory so hopefully I still remember the things that happened! šŸ™‚

March 19, 2010

We decided to have a steady 5th day in Taiwan. It was a Friday and the weekend was coming. We wanted to be well rested for Saturday because we had full day planned ahead. So for Friday, we didn’t do much except visit KMall and Nova to check out the electronics in Taiwan and literally just pass by Shilin Night Market again for Artie’s Large Fried Chicken. Talk about cravings.

Artie’s Indonesian colleague (Ade) went home already, so the only tourists left were myself and Artie.

  • Cing Mei

For lunch, Artie brought me to his favorite Taiwanese buffet restaurant near his office called Cing Mei.

The food was good and the price was affordable. I think we spent around 150NT (P225) for both our meals and our plates were pretty full! Well, Artie’s anyway. But what’s really interesting is how this buffet works.

Like a normal buffet, you go around the buffet line piling up food on your plate. Normal buffets usually have a set price and are eat-all-you-can. In Cing Mei, what happens is, when you’re done putting food on your plate, you go to the cashier. At the cashier, there is this girl who will take a look at your plate, compute IN HER MIND how much the food cost on your plate and give you a price. I absolutely have NO idea how the computation goes since they don’t even weigh your food! So weird! *mind boggles*

  • KMall and Nova

After his work, we had dinner at this really yummy Noodle place whose name I’ve unfortunately I forgotten. After dinner, we headed over to KMall and Nova. If you’re going tech-shopping in Taiwan, these are the places to go. The hubby (then fiance) bought my Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25 there.

Just take the MRT to Taipei Main Station to get there.

KMall and Nova are tech-havens! From laptops, to cameras, to TVs, computers, earphones, headphones, hard drives. You name it, you got it.

Even weird toys, too!

Didn’t stay too long in KMall and Nova. We only bought my stash of Instax Mini films and then decided to head to Shilin Night Market next for Artie’s Large Chicken!

  • Day 4 in photos

1 thought on “Geek Girl Manila In Taiwan: Day 5

  1. hello, I feel interesting when i read your blog. I am preparing to go to Taiwan so your information is sooo useful and attractive šŸ™‚ Can you tell me price of some goods, and i realyy want to buy one Fujifim instax mini, how much is it??? Thanks sooo much šŸ™‚

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