Al’Akir Down: Throne of the Four Winds Cleared!

After 2 weeks of trying, we’ve finally managed to take Al’Akir, the Wind Lord, down. Woohoo! /flex

Al’Akir’s model reminds me of Ragnaros, but prettier 🙂

Good bye, Wind Lord!

The Al’Akir fight is probably one of the most fun fight I’ve encountered. Similar to the Conclave of Winds, it requires a lot of movement and precise positioning of the raid.

Our raid was divide into 5 groups, with the following positions at the start of the fight:

image c/o

This positioning will help mitigate the damage of Lightning Strike, a spell which is casted in a frontal cone.

The second phase is the easiest phase. All that has to be done is avoid the tornado walls, while DPSing the boss and managing the Stormling adds.

The third phase is similar to the last phase of the Malygos fight in the Eye of Eternity. You won’t be riding any vehicles or dragons, but you will be lifted up in the air. You then have to fly down and then up while DPSing, tanking or healing.

Our raid was composed of 1 tank, 2 range DPS, 4 melee DPS and 3 healers.

Al’Akir 10-Man Boss Fight Strategy
Phase 1:
1. Stay spread out and stay out of the ice and blizzard.
2. Run in between the gaps in the tornado wall.
3. Run towards the boss before Wind Burst

Phase 2:
1. Burn Al’Akir down to 25% as fast as possible to avoid getting too many debuff stacks.
2. Killing the stormling adds will cause a debuff on the boss. Try to kill about 3 at a time to maximize the damage. (Tip: Before you bring down Al’Akir to Phase 3, try to get 5 stacks of debuff by killing 5 Stormlings. This will help your DPS in Phase 3. When we brought down Al’Akir, we had 7 stacks!)

Phase 3:
1. Stay 5 yards apart but on the same level as the boss (start at the boss’ feet but above the lightning). When the raid is knocked back, move back into position quickly.
2. When lightning cloud spawns, the whole raid must move slightly up to avoid it.
3. Stay away from the player with Lightning Rod.

-text from iPwn app (Free download from iTunes App Store, must-have for all WoW players! Requires iOS 4.2.1)

Al’Akir TankSpot Video:

Next stop, Nefarian!

Link: Terracotta Guild – US Suramar

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