Random Musings: My Adopted Cat, Reponsible Pet Ownership and Responsible Facebook Use

It’s 1AM in the morning and I’m still wide awake, surfing around and reading up on what people have to say about Mr. Jerzon Senador, the Puppy Tormentor Extraordinaire.

I am aghast to find out that some people don’t find it a big deal, and that they say it isn’t animal cruelty just because the puppy is still alive.

Granted, maybe things are being blown out of proportion (which I personally think is his fault anyway – HELLO, IRRESPONSIBLE FACEBOOK USE!), but for an animal lover like myself, I find it simply unacceptable.

Ever since I was a child, I was surrounded by pets (cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, you name it!). I can’t count how many pets I’ve cried over, because they got lost or simply went to pet heaven.

When I was a little girl, I would always bring home stray cats from our neighborhood.

There was this one time I brought home a kitten.

At that time (I think I was 6 years old), I believed in Manananggals and was deathly scared of them. I was so paranoid that the kitten I brought home was a manananggal (I remember that it didn’t meow at all but kept following me silently in a creepy way) that I decided to make sure it wasn’t…

…By sprinkling salt all over the poor kitten.

You can imagine the kitten’s face when it tried to clean itself 😛

When I was in college, I brought home a cat all the way from DLSU. I found it in the middle of the day. So what I did was put the cat inside my bag until my classed ended. I remember my professor wondering where the meowing sounds were coming from.

I have lost count of how many cats I’ve brought home. I’ve forgotten their names and I’ve forgotten how they look like.

But if there’s one adopted cat I would remember forever, it would be Winky.

I adopted Winky two years ago. I found her inside Parallax Photo Studio where I used to work. It was normal that cats would go in our studio every day. I would shoo them away because they end up pissing in our storage room. And boy, cat piss stinks!

So when I heard meowing, I readied myself for my daily dose of patintero with the neighborhood cats.

I was surprised to see a tiny ball of fur in the corner of one of our shooting area. I started stomping my feet and started to herd her out the door when I noticed that she kept bumping into walls.

I took a closer look and what I saw made me sad.

Scraggly, scrawny and flea-infested. And had one eye.

I don’t know if her eyes were like this from birth, or some person thought it was funny to poke a kitten’s eye.

I just didn’t have the heart to shoo him away into the streets so I took him home.

I brought Winky to the vet, gave her shots and gave her a bath. She became a very playful kitten pretty soon!

Two years later, this is Winky.

Isn’t she pretty? 🙂

She’s a very sweet cat, but is very skittish if she doesn’t know your scent or if you ‘sound’ different. She can distinguish my foot steps from my hubby’s foot steps (so she normally hides when Artie’s around).

She turned completely blind. Her eyes eventually got infected even with medicine, and the single eye she had sunk in their sockets.

But that doesn’t matter because Winky is probably one of the luckiest cat in the world. Well-loved and well-fed.

So you see, when I read on people like Jerzon Senadora mistreating a perfectly healthy puppy like that, I get really riled up.

If you think hanging a puppy on a clothes line is ‘perfectly normal’ and harmless, you might want to think again.

That puppy is probably scarred for life.

I’m telling you, that puppy will have a shitload of behavioral problems in the future. It could be overly submissive or it could turn aggressive later on.

If this puppy could talk, it’d be crying for help.

Sorry but I really can’t find THIS harmless and ‘cute’. It’s bordering on barbaric.

So please, to future pet owners out there.


(And responsible Facebook users, too, LOL.)

2 thoughts on “Random Musings: My Adopted Cat, Reponsible Pet Ownership and Responsible Facebook Use

  1. hi lia ….. god bless your soul for adopting winky … i too have an adopted kitten when i was on vacation in manila 2 years ago …. i aptly named her munyinging ….. she was an injured kitten that strayed in our property ……. she was limping and could barely walk …… apparently …… she was ran over by a pedicab (based on the tire marks across her belly) …….. she is the sweetest thing … i never took her to the vet ….. but she is now a heathy cat …. i now have 3 adopted cats ……. munyingying has a sister ~ i named her ms philippines because of her black shiny coat ….. ang mommy dearest ~ she is blind (i think ) in one eye beause it is sooo blurry …..
    each has their own unique personality …. ms philippines is sooo fierce … i can’t touch her ,,,, munyingying is the sweetest …… mommy dearest is soo matakaw and loves to eat potato chips …… when she hears me opening a bag of chips …. she will start looking around and walk towards me ……
    now that i am back in san francisco ….. i still think about them and my mom is doing a very good job of care of them …… i love them so dearly and miss them ….

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