#NowWatching: Teen Wolf

From the title itself, it’s pretty much your typical “werewolf bites geek boy, geek boy gets supernatural powers and turns into a popular kid” story.

Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama series that follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a high school student and social outcast that gets bitten by a werewolf while wandering in the woods. Scott attempts to maintain a normal life, while hiding from everyone his secret life as a werewolf. – Wikipedia

Females ages 12 to 30 will probably like this show for the following eye candy reasons:

Tyler Posey as Scott McGall, the Teen Wolf

Dylan O’Brien as Stiles, the trusty sidekick and bestfriend

Colton Haynes as Jackson, the jock from hell and high school bully, who might eventually become a ‘friend’

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, your dark, brooding mysterious man

While it’s more enjoyable for the ladies, some of the male population out there might find the female protagonist and the supporting actress attractive.

Crystal Reed as Allison, the Teen Wolf’s lady love

Holland Roden as Lydia, your neighborhood mean girl and frenemy

With 3 episodes already out, I have to admit, it’s actually not that bad. It’s entertaining enough to keep you sane and occupied while the good series are out on a break.

The TV series channels a ‘Vampire Diaries’ feel with a lighter, teeny-bopper vibe, and minus the vampire.

Ocassionally, you might want to roll your eyes at some of the script. It’s very Young Adult, if you ask me šŸ™‚

If you’re expecting anything like Jacob from Twilight (like his 6-pack abs), you might get disappointed.

Teen Wolf Official Promo from MTV

2 thoughts on “#NowWatching: Teen Wolf

  1. Wow, that bad guy’s photo looks so unreal – we thought he was a character from a game. šŸ˜›

  2. Lia Espina Lopez June 19, 2011 — 11:41 pm

    Hahaha, IKR! Photo editing gone bad! šŸ˜›

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