BOOK REVIEW: Sweet Valley Confidential – Ten Years Later


This book is horribly written. Thank goodness it was a short book.

After coming from “A Song of Fire and Ice”, I was deeply disturbed with the writing style of Francine Pascal on this particular book.

So disturbed that I’m going to re-read an SVH book just to compare the writing styles. (Really, what was I thinking that ‘Sweet Valley’ was one of the greatest book series of all times? LOL.)

Francine Pascal’s use of ‘like’ and ‘so’ for the twins’ speech and thoughts(For example, ‘Like, that is so not true’) is annoying in a ‘kill-me-now’ kind of way. The twins are supposed to be 27 years old, not 16.

Making the twins think and talk like they’re still 16 years old and back in high school again just made me go ‘Aaarrrgggh’!

But even though the book was painful to read, I read it anyway and was able to finish it.

The book is full of flashbacks, narrating the details of how THE BETRAYAL happened.

The book was actually confusing to read. One paragraph you’re in Jessica’s head, the next you’re in Elizabeth’s. It would have been better if Francine Pascal gave each character a chapter instead, rather than jumping abruptly from one character’s mind to another.

If I were to come up with a single description for the book, it would be ‘Trying hard’.

The book was trying hard to transition from ‘young adult’ reading to ‘adult’ and it was also trying hard to be scandalous.

But in the end, the book only ended up being a cliche, sadly.


[ Click here if you want to read the synopsis of the book. ]

6 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Sweet Valley Confidential – Ten Years Later

  1. I know everyone says it’s bad and I’m pretty sure it’s true especially since Francine Pascal has so many ghost writers for the series they don’t bother to trace back the basic “facts” of Sweet Valley and keep it straight. But I’m still curious. Haha! But everyone is reacting so violently I might as well just search for a pdf copy. Also, will be coming from books A Song of Fire and Ice so… xD

    1. Lia Espina Lopez August 13, 2011 — 9:58 pm

      Hey Alex!

      You can get a copy of the ebook from GeekGirlManila’s FB Page if you’re a fan! 🙂 I’m having a monthly ebook giveaway there and Sweet Valley Confidential is my ebook of choice for August 😛 There’s a mobi and a pdf copy 🙂

  2. The writing style and use of ‘like’ and ‘so’ totally annoyed me too. So different from the old SV books too. They didn’t sound like 27-year-old women either. Francine Pascal twisted all the past relationships and practically nothing remained.

  3. hmmm…..even if it sucks I probably will check it out for myself! for old time’s sake! hahaha!

  4. Spoiler alert!

    The writing didn’t confuse me. To me it came out as very simplistic. I was traumatized by the events that transpired. Jessica ending up with Todd? Never would’ve guessed (but then again I never read SVU. Stopped at SVH). Stealing Todd is a lowest of the low even for Jessica. And Steven is freaking gay? LOL.

    1. Hi HappyHeizel,

      I know what you mean about Steven! 😛 I miss this series! 🙂

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