Techy Traveller Must-Have: Agoda App

I’ve been hearing left and right of people going to Hong Kong for the holidays and I’m so envious!

We were supposed to go to Hong Kong after Christmas but all the signs were seemingly pointing to us rescheduling our trip to next year.

There was the big hullabaloo about the need for HK Visa and since we planned this trip a tad bit too late (we started planning early November) all the hotel rooms and flights were so overpriced!

Given that we wanted to go during the peak season of 26th to 30th of December, it wasn’t a surprise that the flights and rooms were so expensive!

If we decided to push through with our trip, we would have easily gone over our budget by P100,000 given our choice of airline and hotel.

Ah. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Anyway, if you’re a seasoned traveller and a techy, here’s one app you should have in your tablet or mobile phone – the Agoda App.


If you’re familiar with the website, this app is pretty much the same except that it’s easily more accessible using your smart phones.

I love how the app is very easy to use. It’s very straight-forward.

The first thing you need to do is set your destination, your planned dates and the number of people on the trip. Then click, Search!
And Viola! After clicking search, you’ll be given a list of hotels. You can sort them by popularity, by star rating, hotel name and by price.
When you click on your chosen hotel, you can see all the details like prices, reviews and photos.
With the app, you can get to read real reviews from real people!
You can also read up on the hotel details, such as the hotel policies…
… and the different hotel information such as distance from the airport, etc.

If you’re planning to do some travelling next year, I suggest you download this app immediately!

You’ll definitely get the best deals.

I was actually so surprised that you can find hotels in Tokyo for as low as P5,000+ a night! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan.

Been obsessed with going there since forever. But I always had the notion that hotels in Tokyo are ridiculously expensive!

After looking around with the Agoda app, I realised it may not be that expensive after all.

You can also use the Agoda app to book the hotels. I personally have no experience with using the Agoda app to book, but according to the reviews most customers are very satisfied.

Once I’ve booked using the app, I’ll let you know about my experience.

Japan 2014 anyone? Woohoo 🙂



♥ Agoda app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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