Cat Chronicles: Bob’s Story

Sometime in August 2012, we met Bob.

Apparently, Bob is a girl. So yeah. But the name stuck anyway.

Bob was this super sweet cat we found hanging out in our condo parking lot near the trash bins.

I jokingly told Artie to lure Bob to our condo door one night and she ended up visiting every night after that, asking for food.

One time, she even brought her litter to our doorsteps.

Meow! Meow!

Unfortunately, our condo PMO is mean and does not like strays. I think this particular litter got caught and was thrown out. Bob, however, was left.

Bob continued to visit us every night. Sometimes we’d let her stay in our condo for a little to sleep.


Then for a while, Bob disappeared. Artie and I got worried that our PMO caught her and decided to throw her out.

But one day, I heard little meow-ings in our balcony and saw this…

We named then Shaggy, Brave and Scaredy.
Plump kitties!
Plump kitties!

I was ecstatic!

The next few months were filled with antics by these cute kitties and Bob in our balcony.




We even bought them cat toys!
We even bought them cat toys!








Unfortunately, our happy days with Bob and her family were short-lived.

As the kittens got older, they started exploring more. Eventually, our mean neighbors complained about these kittens who kept playing in the flower beds. They said these mean kittens destroyed their plants and made their balcony stinky as they pooped there.

We had no choice but to relocate Bob and her entire family to my sister’s house.

Thankfully, my sister and her family are animal lovers!

Bob meeting Fugly (one of my sister’s outdoor cats) for the first time.
Brave adjusting very well to her new home.

I’m sad that Bob and her family had to live faraway (well, actually, not so faraway because my sister lives like 10 mins away, hehe), but it’s better than them being thrown out into the streets.

I could always visit them anyway and I try to when I have the time.

Like yesterday!

I had an awesome cat-ernoon session with the cats in my sister’s garden.

Shaggy’s butt shot.
Seeing double!
Bob wearing her new pet tag from “Will Wag for Tags

I unfortunately couldn’t get a photo of Scaredy. True to her name, she’s the most skittish one among the kittens.

Bob is adjusting really well to being a house cat. She is now the master of the house. Even my sister’s dogs are afraid of her!

She’s very protective, too, not just of her kittens but of her humans as well!

Like yesterday, when I was trying to take photos of her and the kittens playing in the garden, my sisters dogs (2 Samoyed-Spitz mix) were being very rambunctious and were trying to jump all over me.

I was screeching and shooing the dogs away when Bob suddenly went after the dogs, and started swatting them with her paws! It was so funny! πŸ™‚

While I’m sad that Bob and her family don’t stay with us, I’m really happy to see them in good hands πŸ™‚

Thanks to my sister and her family for agreeing to house Bob and her family! I really can’t get over how Bob is now compared to when we first met her.


So do you have a pet story? πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Cat Chronicles: Bob’s Story

  1. Very nice story.. πŸ™‚ Thanks for rescuing these kitties.. You’ll be blessed more! πŸ™‚

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