Lok’tar Ogar! Garrosh is DOWN!

Finally, after weeks of doing the normal mode of Siege of Orgrimmar, our guild, Terracotta, has finally killed Garrosh Hellscream!


We managed to kill him on our 6th pull tonight. We should have been able to kill him much earlier but one of our guildies suddenly got disconnected in mid-fight and we got him to like 1%!

ARGGHHH! Everyone was screaming on vent like crazy, haha.

The Garrosh fight is a pretty complicated and long fight. If you want to know how the fight goes, watch this video

I don’t remember any other time that I was able to kill a final boss on normal before a nerf. I think there was one other time but I’ve forgotten which boss and which expansion.

Anyhoo, for killing Garrosh on normal, we got ourselves an awesome mount, the Kor’kron War Wolf, and an awesome title, “The Liberator of Orgrimmar“.


Hail, Veexie! The Liberator of Orgrimmar!
I'm so pretty~ Oh, so pretty~!
I’m so pretty~ Oh, so pretty~!

Ah, we can finally relax! Well, sort of! We plan to do Heroic modes next, woohoo.

I cannot wait for the Warlords of Draenor expansion!

If you want to play World of Warcraft with me, you can find me on the US-Suramar server. Just look for Veexie!



2 thoughts on “Lok’tar Ogar! Garrosh is DOWN!

  1. Believe we managed to beat Ragnaros in Firelands before the nerf.

    1. Mike, ah, we did, didn’t we?! 🙂

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