Bed Making 101: Quick and Easy Tips to Make Your Bed

Our cat unceremoniously vomited on our bed (on my side, mind you!) this morning and I just finished changing our sheets and making our bed.

The husband was supposed to help me but as of this writing he is still not home.


So I had to change the sheets myself.

Truth be told, I’m not the most domesticated person around.

(Yes, I was spoiled by my mom and by the helpers at my parents house before)

I know how to fix the bed in the morning, but changing sheets and pillow cases are some of the chores I really dislike.

Putting on the duvet cover on a queen-sized duvet is such a pain.

And putting on pillow cases? Don’t get me started!

I always get into a wrestling match with them. You’ll usually see me slamming the pillows on the bed, squishing the pillows and forcing them into the cases.

Then it occurred to me…

There has to be a better and easier way of doing this!

Indeed, according to YouTube, there definitely ARE easier ways put on pillow cases and duvet covers.

Check out these two videos I found.

How to put on pillow cases

How to put on duvet covers

I tried out them out and now I don’t mind changing the sheets on my own!

(We usually just wait for my in-law’s helpers to come over for general cleaning day to change our bed sheets, hehe.)

Ah, gotta love the internet!

Here’s our bed now! 🙂 I’m using one of the duvet cover and pillow cases (the grey one) we bought from IKEA during our Hong Kong trip last April.

Our bed isn’t fully done yet, though. I still have to put on the bed sheets but I really need to wait for the husband to help as our mattress is way too heavy for me to lift around on my own.

(I really WISH we got a foam mattress instead of a spring one, pffft!)

Anyway, hope you guys find these tips helpful!



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