Hong Kong Travels: Hong Kong 2014, Take 2!

You know what makes a good lifestyle blogger?

(Or any blogger for that matter…)

A busy lifestyle.

You need to have a busy lifestyle so that you can write about your experiences and come up with interesting blog posts.

And that’s probably why I’m having a hard time coming up with interesting blog posts at the moment.

With my very home-based lifestyle wherein I don’t really go out as much, and the only activities I do are watch TV, play World of Warcraft and take care of my kitties, well, my life isn’t very interesting at all.

The highlight of my week is probably when I go out during midweek for groceries, and Sundays where I have lunch with my family.

So one of the things I wish for in 2015 is a busy lifestyle! A busy lifestyle filled with events and travel so that I can write more interesting blog posts for you, my dear geeky readers.

And to jumpstart my little wish, here we are on a spontaneously planned trip to Hong Kong.


For this trip, we decide to fly Philippine Airlines. Our flight was at 10AM in the morning. Since we didn’t want to be late, we woke up at 5AM to be able to leave for the airport at 7AM and check in before 9AM.

Fortunately, the traffic wasn’t heavy and we were able to check in at 830AM.


I was pretty much running on only 4 hours of sleep since I was packing until late but that didn’t stop me from taking selfies while passing time waiting for boarding!

And a #selfie haha 🙂 A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


Except for the long wait at the tarmac which resulted in the delay of departure and a very queasy me, the flight went pretty well.

We even  managed to get to Hong Kong on time even though we took off 30 minutes later than the scheduled time. Apparently our pilot, Martin Ayesa of Philippine Airlines made us go zoom-zoom and made up for the lost time.

And finally, we landed in Hong Kong safe and sound!

This is actually the second time we’ve been to Hong Kong this year.

“Hong Kong, we meet again.” says my trusty #Skechers Go Walk

A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


My first #timelapse video using my #SmartiPhone6!   A video posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


First meal! 🙂 A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


I marvel every time. #AirportEnvy   A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


How I wish our airports were this amazing. In 20 years, maybe?

Time to take a taxi to our hotel!


For this trip, we decided to stay again at the Langham Place in Mong Kok. We had such a great experience the last time that we didn’t hesitate to book with them again.

You can read my review about Langham Place here.


Oh look, an elevator! A selfie is in order!

I’m a comfy traveller. My airport uniform – flowy tees, leggings, scarf and comfy shoes. #OOTD A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on



Finished checking in and dropped off our luggage in our room and here’s the view from the window!

The first agenda on their list is to go to a grocery or convenience store to buy some supplies so they won’t have to buy from the hotel. This includes some snacks and drinking water.

Fortunately, Langham Place is connected to mall that has a grocery at the basement called Market Place.

So off to Market Place we go! Oh, look, elevator! Selfie time!


Looking more refreshed and slightly less haggard from the plane trip.


Taking a photo of my Skechers Go Walk 2 again while waiting for my in-laws.

(If you’re looking for walking shoes, the Skechers Go Walk 2 are on top of my list! Comfiest shoes ever. I’m even planning to get another pair!)

And while waiting, I also saw this sign on one of the doors. I just had to take a photo of it.

Ok, going there. 😉   A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


I really love doing groceries in other Asian countries! Look at this sushi bento! Only 50HKD, roughly around P300. Not bad, not bad at all.


After doing grocery, we went back to the hotel to drop off our grocery loot and immediately went out again to go around the stores in Langham Place.

One of my favorite stores in Langham Place Mall is Log On.

It’s a store full of knick-knacks raging from beauty stuff and geekery to tech stuff. Pretty much everything I love!

Here are some of the things that caught my eye this time around.

Saw Sailor Moon makeup at Log On, one of my favorite stores in Langham Place Mall.

A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


Another find at Log On! Temporary hair color that only takes 5 minutes and lasts 1 week. Thinking of getting the purple one.   A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on

I really wanted to go around more. But because I was already so tired, running on only 4 hours of sleep we decided to have an early night instead.


#Mongkok at night.

A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


This photo makes my surburban-loving self want to live in a city that never sleeps.

Ah well.

Good night, Hong Kong! I’ll explore you more tomorrow!




P.S. I really love my #SmartiPhone6! All photos taken with the iPhone 6 ❤


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