Hong Kong Travels: Take 2, Day of Geekery!

It’s another day in Hong Kong.

My goals for today were to visit some geek places in Hong Kong and look for my sister’s favorite local candy here, the Walnut Date Soft Candy.

And of course, I started the day with a #selfie and an #OOTD.


So out we go onto the Hong Kong streets.

Our first stop was supposedly at Sino Centre. From our hotel, Sino Centre was around two blocks away.

We were informed by our taxi driver the day before that apparently, there was a protest happening near our hotel which was along Nathan Road.

Since Sino Centre was along Nathan Road, we had to ask the concierge how to get to Sino Centre while avoiding the protest and if it was safe.

The concierge assured us that it was indeed safe and the protest actually was an advantage to us since it allowed us to cross Nathan Road instead of going around it.

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_18

Here’s what happening at the protest.

It’s actually quite peaceful and really no need for alarm. If you’re planning to travel to Hong Kong and you’re apprehensive about the protests, don’t be.

When we got to Sino Centre, we found out that the stores open late in the afternoon.

Quite dejected, we ended up having lunch in the nearest McDonalds and headed back to the hotel instead to take a nap.

I ended up taking #selfies instead. Haha.

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_01

At around 5pm, we decided to head out again.

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_17

More #OOTD!

The temperature outside was starting to get cooler so I decided to add a cardigan to my outfit.

And finally, off to Sino Centre we go!

OH MY GOLLY GEE. It was geek heaven!

Happily drowning in all the geekery here at Sino Centre! A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


OMG! Happy Batman!

A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


For the anime geeks, Sino Centre is the place to be!

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_02

Kuroko, doko desu ka? (Kuroko, where are you?)

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_04

Lots and lots and LOTS of figurines and mini-figs.

We spent more or less an hour going around Sino Centre. I would have wanted to stay longer but there were soooo many people it got a little too suffocating for me.

After Sino Centre, we decided to pass by another place called In’s Point.

It’s another geek heaven along Nathan Road that concentrates more on toys and LEGOs.

If you’re a LEGO geek, this is the place to be!

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_03

We didn’t get to stay long though as we had to go to Ocean Terminal for dinner.

Ah, well, good bye, geekery. ‘Till next time.

To get to Ocean Terminal from Nathan Road, we decided to take the train.

If there’s one thing I love doing when in another country, it is taking a ride in their very efficient public transportation.

It’s another one of those things I envy and wish my own country had.

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_14

Waiting for the train!

We alighted at Tsim Tsa Shui which I think was a mistake since we ended up walking much longer than we should have.

Apparently, there was a nearer station that we could have gotten off at. Haha.

But no bother, I was able to buy my sister’s pasalubong and got to take scenic photos!

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_16

Found my sister’s precious Walnut Date Soft Candy at this store!

Took a photo for future reference. Does anyone know what the store is called in English?

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_12

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_13

Canton Road. Almost at Ocean Terminal.

I can’t believe we really ended up walking from Tsim Sha Tsui. Since we were already in the area, we decided to take a detour to the huge H&M in the area.

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_11

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_10

Sadly, we didn’t buy anything and we continued on in our little journey to Ocean Terminal.

Walking, walking. A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


Finally, we had dinner.

Tonight’s dinner. Wanton noodles and almond with condensed milk.

A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


After dinner, we walked around the mall and I saw more geekery!

Shiny Cat Girl Lia transform!!!

A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


So cute! Star Wars backpacks!

A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on

I saw a lot of super cute cases for the iPhones. I wanted to buy all of them but they were a bit pricey at around 200HKD.

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_07

Saw a lot of super cute power banks, too.


HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_06

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_05

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_08

HK-Macau-2014-Day 2_09

Abbie ended up buying one of these. She’s a huge Star Wars geek!

And here’s an awesome find which I really wanted to buy but decided not to since I really didn’t need it.


The PLAYBULB is a light bulb and a speaker in one!

It can your boring lampshade into an awesome state-of-the-art furniture. I really wanted to buy it but it was a bit out of my budget at 499HKD. Besides, I really don’t have any place to put it in our condo.

I promise, in our future house, I will have these!

Next thing we knew, the mall was already closing and we were being ushered out.

I guess it was time to go home!

So let me end this post with this beautiful scenery.

Hong Kong.

A photo posted by Lia Espina Lopez (@leeyahgrl) on


That’s it for Day 2! More to come tomorrow!



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