#SmartInternetForAll: Disney Content for Smart Subscribers

*sings* I can show you the worrrrrrrlllllld…

For some reason, the song “A Whole New World” was ringing in my head the whole weekend.

If you were to make me choose which among the Disney classics is my favorite, it would probably be Aladdin.

The whole “Be true to yourself” lesson which Aladdin had to learn in the movie, along with Princess Jasmine’s search for “something new and exciting” in her life, is close to my heart.

(I was always in battle with boredom when I a little kid. Thank God the internet was discovered!)


I bet you, Aladdin had the power of the internet when he crooned those words to Jasmine, haha!

Anyway, I guess it’s just as timely as I have good news for geeky Smart subscribers!

(I dub thee #SmartGeeks)

Smart Communications and PLDT have partnered with The Walt Disney Company to provide you with access to Disney’s digital entertainment content!


This means you can now download Disney content such as games, wallpapers and e-books at affordable prices without the need of a credit card. You can conveniently use your Smart Prepaid load or charge it to your Smart Postpaid account.

You can download Disney content via GameX and here’s how:



The Disney content also includes not just the classic Disney but also the new franchises of Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. This means you can download cool Marvel games, and in the future, Star Wars content!

(Good news for Star Wars geeks!)

If you’d like to see the Disney content you can download right now, head on over to the Smart-Disney homepage — http://smart.com.ph/disney.

Remember geeks, Smart continues to provide great content so you can have the best experience online!

Be sure to follow Smart on their Facebook and Twitter accounts to be constantly updated!




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