#NowWatching: Forever

So the husband and I started watching this TV series called “Forever”.


The TV show is about this man who is 200 years old and he cannot die. He’s basically immortal and whenever he does “die” (like accidentally fall off a building, or something), he resurrects in a body of a water.

He’s been on the search for clues on how to unlock his immortality and because of this, he took up a job as a medical examiner in a morgue in New York.

The show is quite similar to “Elementary”.

Guy with an accent, working with a hot female detective on a case every episode. Guy is extremely smart and always practically solves the case with his super powers of deductive reasoning.

I’m not fond of “Elementary” but I’m very curious as how they’re going to pan this whole immortality issue out with “Forever”. Are the reasons for his immortality scientific? Or will it be a paranormal occurrence?

The show currently has 14 episodes and we just finished watching episode 3.

We started this little mini-game where we take note of the ways he died in an episode. We’re wondering how many deaths in total will he have by the time season 1 ends. So far, he has died 4 times, haha.

Is it a must-watch?

Mildly entertaining, but it’s really just a filler for me while I wait for my favorite weekly shows to come out. But then it’s still too early to say as I’m just on episode 3.

Still waiting to see if they’ll come out with an “OMG-what-happened-I-must-watch-the-next-episode” shocker of a plot.

What shows are you watching right now? Let me know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!



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