#GeekyEats: Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Treats

I’m feeling the love from Krispy Kreme!


How cute are these Valentine’s doughnuts?! 🙂

The generalization that all girls love flowers don’t apply to me. I never liked flowers.

Sure, they are pretty and they light up a room. But they eventually wither away leaving dust and dirt in their wake.

I prefer sweets and chocolates! For sure, my sweet tooth will be satisfied and my tummy will be happy!

If your significant other is just like me, these Valentine’s doughnuts from Krispy Kreme are perfect for that simple but sweet Valentine’s gift.


Raspberry Kreme and Strawberry Kreme Filled Double Heart doughnut offers a romantic, and fruity sweet fix.

Krispy-Kreme-Valentine-2015_04Chocolate Kreme Filled Double Heart doughnut is super cute and yummy with its rich double chocolate experience.


Hershey’s Kissed Double Heart doughnut is quirky and romantic, and a definite must-try.


Hug and Kiss doughnuts are simply lip-smacking, fun and sweet.

So there you go!

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are always the perfect gift to share with friends, especially this Valentine’s day! Head on over to any Krispy Kreme branch. The Valentine’s doughnuts will only be available until February 15, 2015.

Any special plans this Valentine’s day?


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