#OOTD: My P2,500 Gown, Fashion for Less

Just turning in a quick post before I start prepping for another wedding!

Yesterday was the wedding of one of our good friends, Gela Gamboa (now Mrs. Gela Pecson) and today is the wedding of Artie’s cousin, Koyen.

Weddings back-to-back, I must tell you, pretty exhausting!

Anyway, I’d like to share with you my — believe it or not — P2,500 gown! 😉


Sorry for the low-quality photos. I’ve been a bad blogger and didn’t even bother bringing any sort of camera, hehe. All photos taken with my #SmartiPhone6.

When it comes to clothes, I’m a bit of a cheapskate.

If I could buy blouses for P100 and casual dresses for P500, I definitely would.

My luxury would definitely be gadgets (of course) and makeup. I could spend ridiculous amounts of money on those things unconciously (haha!), but on clothes, nah. It would take a really good fitting piece of clothing for me to actually spend a lot on clothes.

Like UNIQLO. I would spend a good amount of money on UNIQLO clothing because they simply fit me well. (UNIQLO, take my money!!!)

But on any ordinary day, I always search for the cheapest deals when it comes to clothes.

So you can’t imagine how happy I was to find this little gem of a gown from Metro Department Store in Alabang Town Center.


I had a budget of P5,000 when I was looking for a gown to wear, and when I saw that this was half of what I was thinking of spending, I immediately grabbed it off the rack!

The color looked good on me, I liked the style, it fit nicely and it was not cheaply done. The material was decent and for P2,500, it was really not that bad!

So if you’re looking for RTW formal wear, try to check out Metro Deparment Store and you might find really good deals.


For accessories, I love going to SM Department Store. Some time ago, I was able to buy this cute little hand bag from SM Southmall for around less than P1,000.


Kept my nails polish-free! I’m trying out this new nail gel called Locycare and it’s doing an amazing job of keeping my dry nails looking moisturized and healthy. Will review soon!

So for the amount of P3,500, I think I look pretty okay, haha. And I did my makeup and hair all by myself, too.


If you want to know how I did these curls by myself, check out my review of the BaByliss Miracurl.

ON MY FACE: Ellana Pressed Mineral foundation in French Vanilla Latte, primed with Ellana Let’s Make It Last Makeup PrimerK-Palette 1 Day Magic 3D Face Palette for blush and contouring, K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil in Natural Brown, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, K-Palette, Etude Play 101 Pencil in shade 01, MAC Lip Liner in Stripdown.

Sigh. I’m supposed to cut my hair after the weddings, but every time I see my hair styled like this, I kind of feel like backing out! Hahaha. But we’ll see! 😉

More photos from the Pecson – Gamboa Wedding


The wedding ceremony was done at Santurio de San Antonio Parish in Forbes, Makati City,


Mandatory #couplefie with the husband.


Super nice idea for wedding games!

The reception was done at Manila Polo Club and the food was divine. I believe that if there is one thing you have to spend on at your wedding, it should be the food.

EVERYONE remembers the food. They won’t remember your gown, they won’t remember the decorations, but they will remember the food. Trust me!


Mesclun greens with Parmesan flakes, slices of oranges and apple, drizzled with Caesar dressing


Roast beef tenderloin on fried garlic knobs topped with tarragon flavored sauce, mushroom risotto. To die for! It was soooo soft.


Creme brûlée, blueberry cheesecake, and fresh fruits in Chinese spoon

All in all, the wedding was really nice. Simple yet elegant and you can definitely feel the love from the couple and the happiness from both families.


Jay and Gela, congratulations and best wishes! May you both be happy always. We’re rooting for you on your honeymoon! *wink wink*

Ok, as for me, I really to prepare now as the wedding today starts at 1PM.

Have a good Friday, geeks! ❤



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2 thoughts on “#OOTD: My P2,500 Gown, Fashion for Less

  1. So silly i’m just replying now but for some reason happened to read this just now<3

    You looked lovely!

    See you soon Li! ❤

    1. Lia Espina Lopez June 6, 2017 — 3:08 pm

      Gela! Hahaha you’re so funny! 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Yes, see you soon! 🙂

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