How Women Gamble


If you compare the gambling behavior between men and women, you’ll see that men are more emotionally competitive and that women are generally more interested in the social aspect of casinos. Though men and women vary in betting habits, that isn’t saying that women don’t enjoy gambling. Women love to gamble, just not in the same way as men do, and more of them are now playing online.

The launch online casinos have changed the way that we gamble. In a way, CryptoLogic was a revolutionist by introducing the first ever online casino named InterCasino in 1996, forcing companies to brainstorm on how to stay current with the ever-evolving industry. One of the ways that they’ve stayed current is by studying the habits of online betting in both males and females, and doing so has helped them tailor their games in a way that could be enjoyed by both demographics.

Women have different gambling habits from men; so gaming companies have designed their products to appease various tastes. The ultimate reason why women gamble is that it’s a form of relaxation, unlike men who are driven by excitement. Viaden explains that women have a tendency to play for a longer period of time and opt for games with lower stakes, which is possibly why they prefer slots and bingo over poker and roulette. Statistics demonstrate that the majority of online bingo players are female, so bingo portal operators tend to add a more feminine touch to their websites and mobile apps.

But the popularity of bingo doesn’t mean that’s the only game that women are playing. In fact, all it takes for women to show some curiosity in higher stakes casino games is by adding a social aspect to the app, using good quality graphics, and pleasing background music, all of which are featured in mobile app Women’s Casino.

An app that can be played offline, Women’s Casino has a simple and stress-free design that put females at ease. Everything is less intimidating, allowing women to comfortably make bets while trying to beat each other’s scores on the leaderboards. Plus, the slots are enhanced with HD graphics and soothing audio that can give you just the relaxation that you need.



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