Stuff I Learned from the Box Talks Photography Workshop by Beyond the Box and Everywhere We Shoot

Around two weeks ago, I hauled my lazy butt to the mall to buy some construction papers and corrugated card boards.



Well, I’ve decided to put in a little more effort on my Instagram and have decided to add in a little more of those stylized posts that are so popular nowadays.

(Personally, I’m not a big fan of those picture perfect lives on Instagram, #LiveAuthentic, but hey, a little wouldn’t hurt!)

Anyway, using backgrounds was one of the things I learned from the Box Talks Photography Workshop by Beyond the Box and Everywhere We Shoot I attended last August.

(Yup, I know, this is another one of my backlogs! Slowly going through all of them. Please be patient with me!)

What is Box Talks?

As an integral part of its mission to unleash creativity through technology, Beyond the Box is planning to host a series of “Box Talks” for its customers — workshops designed to speak to the average “non-techie” in a format and a language created to inspire and enable.

The first Box Talks was held last August 25 at the very quaint Le Petit Souffle in Century City Mall.


It was hosted by the dynamic duo of  Garovs Garovillo and Ryan Vergara of Everywhere We Shoot!


True to what was promised, the workshop they gave was very non-techie.

They didn’t go so much on the technicalities on how to use a camera, but more of inspired us with their story on how they got started with photography. They also gave us tips on how to take good photographs.

And here are some of the tips I learned.

#1 – Use backgrounds.

One of the photography projects that they shared was a nice collection of food photography on pastel backgrounds. It was really nice!

#2 – Find the beauty in the ugly stuff, and vice versa.

Another photography project they shared was a series of shots showing the most mundane things, like people sitting, and every day scenarios like a day in the grocery. Then they also showed us this collection of photographs where the aim was to “ugly-fy” beautiful things. They ended up with the most interesting images.

#3 – The best light is natural light.

Did you know that photography literally means “painting with light”?

Photography comes from the Greek words phos (“light”), and graphis (“stylus”, “ paintbrush”) or graphí and together they mean “drawing with light”. –

If you want to take nice photos, always make sure you have good light source.

#4 – Keep shooting.

As with everything else, you just have to keep doing the same thing over and over to get better.

You know the saying, “It’s the Indian, not the arrow”?

Well, I’ve always applied that to photography. No matter how expensive your gear is, if you don’t practice, you will never be able to take nice photos. It’s more important for a budding photographer to develop, first and foremost, their eye for photography (learning how to crop things in your mind, choosing a subject, finding the light, etc) rather than obsessing about gear.

So really, one of the best advice if you want to get better in photography is to just keep shooting.

After the talk, we were then ushered to Beyond The Box for a little activity!

The activity was pretty simple. We were supposed to go around the mall and just take the best photos we can.


We were lent iPads and were paired off with someone at the workshop. Then we were given a crash course on how to use our iPhones and iPads to make simple edits on our photographs because we weren’t allowed to use Instagram filters, haha.


So off we go around the mall to take some shots! I was paired with Maysie and here are some of the photos I took!



We were going for an “Inception” kind of theme and the photo below was our entry to our little activity. ended up not winning the activity, but it was okay! I really had fun at the first ever Box Talks and I do hope I get to join another one in the future 🙂

Was on a “Box Talks high” and was still trying to take some arty-fartsy shots after the event.

Anyway, some more photos at the event.


It was great meeting fellow bloggers like Ana of Anagon,  Kisty of Let’s Go Wander, Jackie of Go, Jackie Go, and it was especially nice to catch up with Alex of Reluctant Stylista who I haven’t seen in YEARS!


And I finally got to meet Krissy of Krissyfied! Thank you so much for inviting me! I had so much fun! ❤


And of course, to end the day, a group shot with everyone!

If you’re interested in joining future Box Talks, you can get in touch with Beyond The Box by following them on Twitter and their Facebook Page.

Thanks for having me, Beyond The Box!



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  1. I love the shoe shot!

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