What Happened At The Sony HiRes Audio Event

Last September 29, I attended the Sony HiRes Audio Event at Green Sun Hotel in Makati.


We were treated to an afternoon of good food by Chef Laudico while wonderful Bossa Nova music was playing in the background.

It was a very simple event to present the latest Sony 2015 products in their audio catalogue and a team from Sony Japan personally came over to talk about the latest products and innovations.


Naomichi Kurokawa-san on stage, introducing the some of the latest products.


Kazuhiro Sekine-san gave a very technical talk about Hi-Res Audio technology

After the guests from Japan gave their talks, we were also treated to a very quick fashion show showcasing the latest Sony products.




Celine Anolin (middle), Sony Philippines Marketing Officer, with the team from Sony Japan and the models

The fun part came after the program when we were allowed to test out all the products.



I’m really digging the matte finish on Sony’s h.ear on headband-type headphones (MDR-100AAP)


The h.ear in in-ear headphones (MDR-EX750AP)


NW-A25 & NW-A26HN Walkman (Walkmen? Hehe)




This cute speaker retails for P4,999. They might look cute but the sound quality packs a punch!


The products I enjoyed testing the most were their high-end lines. Literally, music to the ears!



This beauty, the MDR-1ADAC, has an SRP of P17,599.


The XBA-A3 Hybrid Earphones is probably my favorite product among the bunch. My ears couldn’t believe the quality of sound that came out from this earphone! It was pure sound candy!

It’s been a while since I last played with gadgets from brands that are really known for their audio and it was such a treat!

Admittedly, the prices of their new products are a bit high, but you really do get what you pay for. The experience is nothing compared to buying audio gadgets at the entry-level price.


If your significant other is an audiophile, he or she will definitely enjoy these new products from Sony!

Great Christmas gift ideas, right?! 

If you want to do more research  on the Sony’s growing high-resolution audio product line, visit www.sony.com.ph.

If you have any inquiries on any of their products, follow Sony Philippines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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