Come Check Out My Shopee!

Hey geeks!

Remember I was just raving about Shopee a few days back?

Well, I decided to put up my own Shopee store.

Come check it out!


I’ve always wanted to put up my own little online store where I could sell some knick knacks here and there.

You see, I’m an impulsive buyer so I’ve bought a lot of stuff which I ended up never using simply because I never really had a need for it.

For example, this Life Proof case for my iPhone 5.


I bought this online, straight from the US. At that time, I just wanted to have it because… well, it was cool.

So I bought it.

But I ended up never using it.

For around a year already, it’s been gathering dust (not literally) in my drawer… doing nothing.

So, I thought, “Hey, I should probably sell this. Someone else might be able to use it right?”

Another example would be this Make Up Forever Aqua Brow in shade 25.


I bought this 6 months ago during our trip to Hong Kong. On an impulse, I bought 3 shades of the same item. I really shouldn’t have, but I did!

Because, augh! Impulse shopping!

The two other shades, I’ve used but this particular shade was too dark for me. So, again, I wasted my money on another item that I didn’t really need.

However, you know how the saying goes…


So, I’ve decided to sell some of my “junk” at REALLY cheap prices. So cheap, I’m almost giving them away!

(Hey, don’t blame me for wanting to earn a little money. Christmas is just around the corner so I need every little cash I can get so I can buy Christmas presents, haha)

Anyway, so there.

After my wonderful Shopee experience as a buyer, I figured I should try out being a seller this time around.

My Shopee Experience as a Seller

As of this writing, I haven’t really sold anything yet on Shopee (hint, hint, please visit my shop! You might end up seeing something you like!), so I’ll just share with you guys my experience in setting up a shop in Shopee.

Buy and Sell in less than 30 secs

From the moment you’ve signed up with Shopee, you already have a store.

Except that it’s empty.

So, simply, the next thing you have to do is fill up your store with items you want to sell.

And let me tell you, it’s pretty darn easy! 🙂


Step 1: Go to the “Sell” menu of the app.

Step 2: Upload a photo of the item you want to sell.

Step 3: You have an option to add filters to your photo.


Step 4: After adding the photo, fill up the product information page and click “SUBMIT” on the upper right of the app.

Step 5: Your item should be listed successfully!

Step 6: You have the option to share to your different social networks!

Oh yeah, at some point during the setup, you’ll be asked to give your bank information.


So that’s it! It’s super duper easy!

Oh wait, some notable Shopee features…

With Shopee’s Seller Assistant feature, you can…


Easily track your sales and order.


And also easily keep track of your income, too!

I’m so excited to make my first sale, haha!

So, yah, if you have time, do come check out my Shopee and if you’ve been wanting to set up your own little online shop, I definitely recommend using Shopee.

Oh, and here’s a bonus!

Here’s a P250 voucher code for all my precious geeky readers out there! It’s valid sitewide for the next 14 days. Just enter the code: LIA250.


Happy buying and selling, geeks!



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