Shop and Ship from the US and UK with Kango Express!

Geeks! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner!

If you want to purchase items from the US and/or UK and have no idea how to have it shipped here to the Philippines, let me let you in on one of my biggest shopping secrets — Kango Express.

What is Kango Express?

Basically, Kango Express is a shipping service that will ship items you’ve purchased from US or UK online sites straight to your doorstep.

How does it work?

Kango Express gives you your own US and/or UK address and this will be the address that you will use when purchasing from online stores.

When Kango Express receives your items, they will then email you a notification and then you will need to authorize the package for shipping.

After that, all you have to do is wait! Easy-peasy!

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of those horror stories about our local customs charging exorbitant amounts when claiming items. With Kango Express, you’ll never experience that kind of harrassment annoyance.

I promise you, there are NO hidden charges. Whatever you pay when you authorize your shipments, that’s it. You won’t pay any extra when you receive your packages.


Recently, I bought a winter coat from and I had it shipped here to the Philippines using Kango Express.

And let me just tell you that my experience was very SATISFACTORY.

I only spent $24 for shipping and I received my coat in exactly 4 days, as promised by Kango!

I’m not exactly a stranger to buying stuff online from the US.

If you’ve been following my blog, or my Instagram, I would occasionally mention that I bought this and that from the internet and have had the items shipped from the US.
See my hashtag #LiaShopsOnline for some of the stuff I’ve purchased online! 

I’ve been using a certain shipping service quite similar to Kango Express for around 2 years now, but after using Kango Express, I might just drop my other shipping service altogether and stick to Kango!

5 Reason Why I Like Using Kango Express


#1 – Registering for an account is FREE.

With my other shipping service, there is a yearly subscription fee of $25 per year. With Kango, registration is FREE and you can start using their service as soon as you sign up!

#2 – They consolidate your packages.

If you buy from multiple shops, Kango Express will consolidate all of your packages into one shipping so that you can save on shipping fee.

With my other shipping service, they don’t offer consolidation services so every package is charged a separate shipping fee. So imagine when I bought 2 tiny items that could have fitted in one box. Instead of paying $6, I got charged $12 instead just because they were in separate packages.

#3 – They offer FREE resizing.

This is a problem I encounter ALL the time when I shop for stuff online. I’ve bought a number of items thinking I’d be charge the minimum shipping fee since the items I’ve purchased are less than a pound. But imagine my surprise when I receive notification that I’m being charged twice the shipping fee simply because the online seller packed my item in a relatively big box!

It’s one of my pet peeve receiving a big box full of air and a teeny tiny item!

With Kango Express, if they see that your item can fit inside a smaller packaging, they will resize it for FREE so that you can save on shipping cost!

#4 – Receive your items in less than 7 days!

In the website, Kango Express promises the delivery of your items in 2-5 days! That’s quite speedy as my other shipping service delivers my items in 10-14 days.

And true to their word, I did receive my coat 4 days after the shipment schedule stated!

#5 – Excellent customer service.

I’ve only used Kango’s service once but I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from Kango Express informing me that my package will be delivered the next day. This is really helpful since I was able to schedule my day and make sure that I would be available to claim my package.

The only downside to Kango Express though is the mode of payment. They only accept payments via Credit Card and Paypal. Hopefully, they offer payments via bank deposits in the future, too.

But I’m super excited for their Buying Service in the future where Kango Express can purchase the item for you in case the site that you are purchasing the items from does not accept Philippine credit card.

Pictures from the Kango Express Launch

Last October 28, I was invited to the Kango Express Launch at Society Lounge in Makati!



The event was hosted by the super charming Bea Benedicto.


Comic relief and entertainment by the funny Mike Unson!


The Kango Express team!


So yeah, do sign up for a Kango Express account! If you refer a friend, you can get $10 credit for every friend that signs up and makes a shipment via Kango Express.

Oh, and do follow Kango Express on their Facebook or Twitter, too! Thanks, geeks!

So what are you waiting for? Start your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday/ Christmas Shopping right now! 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Shop and Ship from the US and UK with Kango Express!

  1. hello i just wanted to ask how much will it cost if i order the car eyelashes its a birthday gift for my fiance and would it be possible to receive that item in 2weeks? i hope to hear a good news from you thank you very much..

    1. Hi Allen, the shipping cost depends on the size and weight of the package. You can sign up at Kangoexpress and send them an email for an initial quote. As for how fast you can receive the items, you can get the items in 4-5 days from the shipping schedule set by Kangoexpress. 🙂

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