Meet the jimmyCASE: Slim Wallet Case for your iPhone

So here’s another item that’s long been overdue for a write-up.

I was sent this jimmyCASE for my iPhone 6 last year.


The jimmyCASE is a really nice, hand-made, slim wallet case for the iPhone. It can hold up to 6 cards and some cash, and is made of military-grade mahogany that makes it lightweight and durable.


The jimmyCASE’s elastic bands are custom-woven and are designed to stretch without losing elasticity.


This case also offers full-frame protection with it’s silicone bumpers.


The Good

  • Very slim, very pretty case!
  • Has a lot of design selection so you’ll definitely find one that will suit your style.
  • Fairly affordable case at $39.
  • Case is relatively easy to remove and put on.
  • The silicone bumper gives a fantastic grip so that your phone won’t slip out of your hands.

The Not-So Good

  • I’m used to using cases that are slightly more rugged and more shock-proof so I find the protection slightly lacking. While the case can withstand minor drops, I’m not sure how confident I’ll feel if and when my phone flies out of my hands while I’m walking outdoors (It has happened a LOT of times!). Just make sure you don’t majorly drop your phone when using this case.
  • The buttons for the volume are a bit hard to press because of the silicone bumper.

The Bottomline

If you’re looking for a stylish slim wallet case for your iPhone, the jimmyCASE is a very good case to look at. It’s affordable and well-designed. If you want to simplify your life by getting rid of those pesky, bulky wallets that you keep forgetting, then this case is for you.

My jimmyCASE experience

I found this case to be really useful when I’m traveling especially when I go to countries where I take the trains a lot (like Hong Kong or Japan).

I just insert those train passes on the jimmyCASE and commuting is such a breeze!’m the type that likes to walk around with my iPhone in hand so that I can easily snap photos and post them on my Instagram or Snapchat. I usually have my phone out already and whenever I go by train, I just tap my phone on the train ticket barriers.

And even if my phone is in my bag, it’s definitely much easier to look for and find my iPhone than to look for the train pass inside my bag.

If you want your own jimmyCASE, you can head on over to the jimmyCASE website to place your order. don’t deliver directly to the Philippines, though, but you can use Kango Express to have it delivered stress-free to the Philippines!



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