#ShareDifferent with Veems

There was a time when I used to share anything and everything on the internet.

But nowadays, I only share fluff on my timeline.

And when I say fluff, I mean happy things. Like rainbows and unicorns and cat videos.


What my Instagram feed looks like. Sugar, spice and everything nice.

As much as possible, I avoid sensitive topics like religion and politics.

Another reason is that I’m a little bit apprehensive to be called out on the internet for having a different opinion from the norm.

(Seriously, I have so many unconventional thoughts in my head that could have landed myself in an unending debate with one or two friends, or strangers)

The problem nowadays is that the internet got a little too judge-y… just a little bit.

While it’s great that we all get to enjoy freedom of speech now because of the internet, I definitely believe that we all need to brush up on our listening skills.

Let’s all try to take a second or two to understand where the other person is coming from before we call them names.

Even I myself am guilty of crucifying people (in my head anyway) because they think differently than I do.

Anyway, if like me, you’re looking for a safe haven where you can share opinions without being judged, there’s this app called Veems that you might want to check out.


Veems has everything you love about the internet and social media — liking and sharing stuff. But the way you share your posts is different, which encourages you to share your ideas more freely.

So how different is Veems from the usual?

  1. You can share a public status privately. So basically, your status gets sent to your friends as a private message.
  2. When you get a reply, only you will see it. It’s like having a 1-on-1 chat! Think of it as Twitter’s DM function, or something like that.
  3. There’s an anonymous public chat. It’s just like being in a usual chatroom but instead of appearing as you, you appear as @anonymous to others and vice versa.


So yeah, experience Veems for yourself and tell me how you like it.

Currently, Veems is only available for Android users on Google Play. Hopefully, they’ll have an iOS version soon!

(Good thing I enjoy the best of both worlds! iOS on my iPhone 6 and Android on my ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser!)



 P.S. Connect with me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram! I’m on SnapChat, too — leeyahgrl

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