Hive Mind by Digital Walker

Hey geeks! Check out my vlog about Digital Walker’s newest concept store – Hive Mind.

So geeks, Hive Mind is located at the 3/F of Trinoma Mall! Do visit when you have time!

To  know  more  about  Hive  Mind,  visit

Giveaway Mechanics

I’m giving away P2,000 worth of Hive Mind gift certificates to one (1) lucky geek! are the mechanics:

  1. Subscribe to my youtube channel. (Optional, but I’d really appreciate if you do.)
  2. Comment on my youtube video the answer to the question, “If you have P2,000, what will you buy from Hive Mind?”

Good luck, geeks!



P.S. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! I’m on SnapChat, too — leeyahgrl. Lastly, please subscribe to my YouTube channel!


3 thoughts on “Hive Mind by Digital Walker

  1. Il buy the lighting cable from yell and casing for my S6. 😀

  2. If ever I have Php 2,000 to shop at Hive Mind, I’ll definitely buy the Coloud Pop earphones.
    My one and only earphones for one year already gave up on me. It was the original earphones I got from the phone my Dad bought me 2 years ago. I really tried to take care of it but it just that, walang forever talaga. LOL
    I really really want to have a new earphones because I always love listening to music whenever I go somewhere, when studying or just staying at the house. Its like when I put my earphones, I get to have my own world.
    I want to buy Coloud Pop earphones because as I’ve seen in Hive Mind website, it is the no. 1 in the rankings of headphones. I’d like to give it a try and see for myself how it will give me a different experience. As a student with a tight allowance, I just can’t buy new things that easily. If ever I win, I will also buy my sister a Coloud Pop earphones so that we can be twin-ning for it when we go back to school this July.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Ms. Lia 🙂

  3. avhie del rosario June 20, 2016 — 3:45 pm

    subscribed to your youtube as avhie del rosario, email add

    this is the copy of my comment on your youtube video, your video is very informative. thank you

    If I have P2,000, what will I buy from Hive Mind? I will buy myself a power bank. I badly need this for my sony aqua phone because the battery of my phone is built in and the best and only option I have to extend the battery life of my phone everytime I am out traveling to somewhere is trough a power bank. thank you :)

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