I’m Loving the SkinWhite Classic with Light Feel Technology

Hey geeks!

How are you all doing? Anyway, I’m here to share a quick rave about the SkinWhite Classic with Light Feel Technology!


Is it a new product?

Well, no, not really. It’s the same SkinWhite Classic we all love and but with a better reformulation, making it feel super light on the skin!

I’m really, really loving it as it’s the perfect whitening lotion to use while our weather is transitioning from hot to wet season.

Even though the weather has started to become a little cooler because of the rain, the humidity however is quite intense! Imagine wearing heavy body lotion while walking around in the Metro. It’s going to feel really gross and icky!

Another thing I love about the new formulation is the scent. While the SPF20 variant has the same scent of the SkinWhite Classic, the SPF10 has a much lighter, powdery scent which I prefer. If you’re like me who’s not a big fan of strong scents, you’re going to love the SPF10 variant of the SkinWhite Classic with Light Feel Technology.

And because the lotion feels sooooo light on the skin (I’m not kidding, it’s really one of the lightest body lotions I’ve tried so far),  feel free to apply the lotion as often you as you like.

It won’t feel sticky or cakey at all. This is a good thing because SPF10 offers only at least 2 hours of protection, while the SPF20 can protect us from UV rays for around 4 hours, more or less. We really have to keep re-applying if we want to be fully protected around the clock (especially when we’re outdoors) from the sun’s UV rays.


So yah, that’s about it! Like I said, it’s really just a quick rave!

The SkinWhite Classic with Light Feel Technology is now available in all supermarkets and department stores starting at the same super affordable price of P45.50 for the 50mL SkinWhite Classic SPF10.

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