Travel Vlog: Osaka Half Day Tour

With so many people posting about the awesome Tokyo Olympics 2020 teaser, I am missing Japan like crazy! miss Japan so much that I finally got inspired to edit the videos I took in Osaka with my GoPro.

(I have sooooo much blog backlogs about my Japan travels, seriously! Augh.)


I really wanted to go to Japan again this coming October so that I can experience the Fall season and complete my “Experience Japan’s Four Seasons in One Year” project, haha.


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen expenses and surprise travel plans, I have to postpone it to next year.

(But maybe, just maybe, by some miracle, I really, really, REALLY WANT to travel to Japan on October… COME ON, UNIVERSE!!! *cross fingers*)

Anyway, for our Osaka trip last June, we booked a tour at TripleLights.

On the website, you can either sign up for a public tour or hire a private guide to bring you around the city.

We decided to hire a private guide because we wanted a more customized tour for the day. For that day, we chose Mari-san.


With Mari-san at Dotonbori.

Normally, I wouldn’t book a tour, nor would I hire a private guide. I would prefer to explore on my own and get lost in the city as I find that more exciting and satisfying.

But since we were with my in-laws who are a bit of age, we needed a more specific plan because they don’t have much energy to spare, hehe.

(Long walks and ‘where-my-feet-take-me’ kind of plans are a big no-no, haha.)

Mari-san is a really sweet lady and we didn’t make a mistake in hiring her.


It was a very fun tour, albeit a bit short!

Next time I go to Japan, I wouldn’t mind hiring Mari-san again if we will be in need of a private tour guide.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed watching my vid!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or get in touch with me on any of my social networks! 😉



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5 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Osaka Half Day Tour

  1. Okay. Now I’m jealous! You’ve been to Japan and experienced 3 seasons. I’ve always wanted to visit but never thought of which season to enjoy it in. Great vlog too! | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

    1. Lia Espina Lopez August 25, 2016 — 11:09 pm

      Hi Anne! Thanks for taking time read my post, haha!

      Any season you visit Japan, it’ll will be awesome! Summer is not that hot if you visit around June/July but it might rainy and gloomy. It starts to get really warm come August so avoid if you can’t take walking around in hot weather. However, that’s when all the awesome festivals start, though!

      Spring can still be really cold (below 20s C temp), even during the 2 weeks when the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom. Almost like winter cold.

      Winter is lovely, too, but can get REAAALLY cold. Like, “I’m-going-to-die-of-brain-freeze-cold”. But for some reason, I loved the atmosphere in December.

  2. It’s a dream of mine to visit Japan! Hopefully soon 🙂

    Little Miss Miera |

  3. I’d like to visit there! Japan is quite expensive as far as I know.

  4. I found it fun to wander by yourself and asking locals for direction.

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